ALS Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells vacuum equipment for research purpose.We have realized advanced vacuum equipment by our own technology and experience.

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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name ALS Technology co., ltd.
Founded April 1st, 2000
Established October 19th, 2001
Capital JPY20,000,000
Board Member
Managing Director Shouichi Aoshima
Director Masato Tamura
Location 2179-2 Kamimizo, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa 252-0243, Japan
Tel: +81-42-713-3018
Fax: +81-42-713-3019

Business Contents

①Manufacture and sale of vacuum equipment for research
Deposition equipment for OLED research
EOne chamber type vacuum evaporator
Multi-chamber vacuum evaporator
Special vacuum evaporator
- Vacuum evaporator with high precision alignment mechanism
- Vacuum evaporator with combinatorial mechanism
Sublimation purification equipment
Carrier Box
Test chamber
Sputtering equipment
UHV pump system
Custom vacuum equipment
Custom vacuum application parts
Research and experimental parts (other than vacuum)
We also produce custom made products such as machined products, resin processing
and glass processing products other than vacuum parts at the request of customers,
and are useful.
Sales of vacuum components
ESales of vacuum components handled by Canon ANELVA Corporation
ESales of vacuum components handled by ULVAC
ESales of Pfeiffer products (turbo pump, vacuum gauge, etc.)
②Remodeling of vacuum equipment
③Maintenance service of vacuum equipment
④Modification and sale of second hand vacuum equipment and second hand unit
We have antique deeds qualification approved by Kanagawa Prefecture Public Safety
⑤Importing and selling business
R.D.Mathis Los Angeles, USA
ESales of vapor deposition boats
KOREA KIYON Seoul, Korea
EGas purification E Glove box
INFOVION (Seoul, Korea)
ESputtering equipment E Ion source E Roll coater


April 2000 Established as a private company Advanced Laboratory System Started manufacture and sales of vacuum equipment
May 2000 Establishment of business office within Mitaka SOHO Center in Mitaka City
June 2001 OLED evaporator E-100 series  The first equipment delivered to Chitose University of Science and Technology
October 2001 Established ALS Technology Limited Company
June 2002 Moved office to Mitaka Industry Plaza
July 2002 Development of OLED raw material refining equipment by Mitaka city research and development subsidy. The first equipment shipped.
August 2002

Delivered OLED Specification E-200 Series.

October 2002 Acquisition of national university etc. bidding qualification "all provincial unification qualification"
February 2004 Reorganized from ALS Technology to ALS Technology Co., Ltd.
March 2004  Signed sales agreement in Japan for R.D. Mathis (USA Los Angeles) product October 2004 Kanagawa Sales Office established
March 2005 Kanagawa Sales Office established
March 2005

Release of own brand vacuum gauge Cold cathode gauge (CC-10)

May 2005 Handling of glove box made by KIYON (Korea Seoul) started. Connected to vacuum evaporator and shipped
September 2006 Contract as Japan's domestic sales agency for KIYON glove boxes
May 2007 Kanagawa sales office as Kanagawa Techno Center (Kanagawa sales office), relocated to Sagamihara shi Nishihashimoto in Kanagawa prefecture
October 2008 Capital increase to 20 million yen
September 2009 Kanagawa Techno Center relocated from Nishi-Hashimoto, Sagamihara- shi, Kanagawa prefecture, to Kamimizo in the same city
November 2009 Headquarters moved from Mitaka-shi, Tokyo, to Kamimizo, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa prefecture. Integrated with Kanagawa Techno Center.
May 2019 Canceled agency contract with KIYON in Korea.
June 2019 We started selling our own brand glove box.

Founder fs Biography

(Present: President and CEO Shoichi Aoshima)
April 1969 Joined Nichiden Varian Corporation (currently Canon ANELVA Corporation) He is a technical manager of the research and development equipment division and is involved in the development of vacuum equipments for research. He is responsible for promoting collaborative research with universities etc. and introducing new technology as manager of sales technology department.
June 1999 Retired from Anelva Corporation (now Canon ANELVA Corporation) to establish our company.
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