ALS Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells vacuum equipment for research purpose.We have realized advanced vacuum equipment by our own technology and experience.

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Corprate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

We have established as a company that manufactures and sells vacuum equipment used in laboratories of university and general corporations to provide equipment with high customer satisfaction.

We will make full use of the vacuum design technology and thin film process technology accumulated so far and design and manufacture the optimum equipment from the standpoint of every researcher.

Vacuum equipment is expensive because of its characteristics compared to general consumer goods such as household electrical appliances. We will make the following efforts to provide highly reliable and high quality equipment / parts reasonably to everyone.

①All vacuum equipment is designed optimally after exchanging enough opinions based on customer's specifications.

②We will respond widely to customer fs needs, handling a wide range from one vacuum component to high performance vacuum equipment.

③We will conduct research positively, gather better vacuum parts from a global perspective and utilize it for equipment.

④In order to make effective use of your vacuum equipment, we will help you to manufacture vacuum parts / devices that require advanced technology for consultation and manufacture of remodeling.

⑤According to your budget, we will maintain performance and reduce prices by remodeling second-hand equipment and using second-hand unit.
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