ALS Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells vacuum equipment for research purpose.We have realized advanced vacuum equipment by our own technology and experience.

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Vacuum Equipment

Organic Device Application

Aiming at total solution for organic device research.

Organic vacuum deposition system

Organic vacuum deposition system

Sublimation purification equipment

Sublimation purification equipment P-100 (quartz tube diameter φ33,φ45
Completely dry pumping system Special designed heater mechanism with gentle slope Temperature ramp monitoring is always available Sublimation process can be monitored.

Useful items

Carrier box Carrier box
Carrier box is a container designed to place substrate in the glove box and take substrate within it out of the glove box.
Measurement chamber Measurement chamber
Light can be taken in and out by putting the device in vacuum. We can manufacture it according to your desired specifications.

Sputtering System

Sputtering System
We manufacture and sell sputtering system of various structures from stand-alone to multi-chamber system connected with vacuum evaporator.

Vacuum Prober

Vacuum Prober
Prober with carrier box
It is used to measure the device characteristics by moving the probe precisely in vacuum. By combining with a carrier box, it becomes possible to measure the substrate after completion of film formation without exposing it to air.

General purpose high temperature heating mechanism

It is possible to control substrate high temperature heating during film formation by installing it in evaporation system , sputtering system, etc. Useful for evaluation of crystallinity, arrangement, modification, etc.





Heating temperature


Temperature monitor value

Effective heating area



Heater material


With a quartz plate shield

Heater capacity


Approximately 10V-11A at 500℃

Temperature monitor

K type thermocouple 

Type changeable

Usage environment

Vacuum (less than 7×10-2Pa)

Option:~900℃specification  / Various susceptors / Substrate trays /  etc


General purpose high temperature heating mechanism PDF catalog
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