ALS Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells vacuum equipment for research purpose.We have realized advanced vacuum equipment by our own technology and experience.

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Wide range vacuum gauge CC-10Wide range vacuum gauge CC-10

The CC-10 wide range gauge can continuously measure from the atmosphere to the ultra vacuum continuously with the single vacuum gauge. Conventionally, it is necessary to use vacuum switch (atmospheric pressure sensor) for returning the chamber to the atmosphere in addition to each vacuum gauge for roughing and high vacuum, all these measurements can be covered with this wide range gauge. The sensor and the circuit are united, and the pressure display is attached. Just connect the CC-10 to the vacuum chamber and supply 24 VDC (AC adapter is also prepared as an option), no further switch operation is needed. Measurement starts automatically from the atmospheric pressure, the pressure is displayed on the gauge, and a pressure signal can be taken out with analog output and digital communication (RS - 485).
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