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Introduction of LEIPS System

What is LEIPS?
By the low-energy inverse photoemission spectroscopy LEIPS (Low-Energy Inverse Photoemission Spectroscopy) newly developed by Dr. Hiroyuki Yoshida (currently Professor of Chiba University) at Kyoto University's Chemistry Research Institute in 2012, it is the world's first highly accurate LUMO level Measurement is now possible. We concluded a license agreement for intellectual property with Kyoto University (Kansai TLO Co., Ltd.) and commercialized it.

LEIPS System

LEIPS System

Features of LE-1 Model

With low energy of backlight electron spectroscopy, high precision LUMO level (electron affinity) measurement was realized.

Significant reduction of sample damage

The kinetic energy of irradiated electrons is 5 eV or less, which is the damage threshold of organic molecules.

High precision LUMO level measurement

Thin film sample of the device thickness can be measured.
Relaxation of electrons to the level related to conduction is measured directly.
Accuracy equivalent to photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS, UPS).
Energy resolution less than 0.5 eV. Reproducibility within 0.1 eV.
The measured light spectrum reflects the state density.

Easy operation of the system

Under UHV condition (10 - 8 Pa), sample transfer, pumping and measurement can be operated automatically with touch panel operation.
Efficient measurement is possible by stocking four sample substrates in buffer chamber.

Simple measurement operation

With the, automatic measurement and calculation of electron affinity can be performed with simple operation with the

Convenience Extensibility

Docking with photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS, UPS), additional deposition equipment, etc. can be handled as standard.
LE-1 is equipped as standard with a carrier box that can transfer sample substrates without exposing to the atmosphere.

Kinetic energy of irradiated electrons is set below 5 eV and near UV light is detected.
Damage avoidance of organic samples
High sensitivity photomultiplier is used.
By adopting isochromat mode, it is possible to perform spectroscopy using a dielectric multilayer bandpass filter with high sensitivity and high energy resolution.
BaO is employed as the cathode of the electron gun with high energy resolution.

LEIPS measurement configuration diagram

LEIPS measurement configuration diagram


Conventional IPES


Electron kinetic energy

5–15 eV

≤ 5 eV

Detection light wavelength

UV light

Near UV light(200–400nm)


filter material

SrF2,Ca,e2 etc

Band pass filter

detection energy

≥ 10eV


energy resolution






Electron gun

cathode material

W or others


energy width



Resolution of system

low 0.7–1.1eV

high ≤ 0.5eV

Sensitivity of system



Organic sample damage


not observed

LEIPS(Isochromat mode)
LEIPS(Isochromat mode)

LEIPS standard software
Simple operation
Automatic measurement of sample current spectrum and LEIPS optical spectrum simply by inputting measurement conditions and starting.
Measurement results can be processed to provide the vacuum level and electron affinity by simple operation on the calculation screen.

User friendly
Using the cursor on the calculation screen, you can directly convert the energy value at any location into the energy of electron or the energy from the vacuum level.
Measurement data is automatically saved in CSV format. It can be analyzed and used by customers.

Measurement Example
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