ALS Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells vacuum equipment for research purpose.We have realized advanced vacuum equipment by our own technology and experience.

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Production & transportation
Production & transportation system

Clean Room

Clean Room We cleaned a part of the assembly floor for the purpose of reducing particles in the vacuum chamber during assembly work. Moreover, in many vapor deposition equipment, we will provide a device with higher cleanliness by electropolishing the interior of the vacuum chamber.

Assembly Scene

Assembly Scene It is a scenery of assembling vapor deposition equipment for organic device research.

Glove Box

Glove Box After importing from the KOREA KIYON company, we check the performance of the glove box inside our company before delivery to the customer.

Reliable Transportation System

Reliable Transportation System Our products will be delivered to Takahashi Transport Kogyo Co., Ltd. specialized in the transportation of precision equipment to the installation location specified by the customer. The company specializes in transporting precision equipment and has extensive experience in transporting vacuum equipment and computer equipment. In addition, as a characteristic of the company, we have a solid track record in special transportation such as carrying in clean rooms and upper floors. We will select the most suitable vehicles from many types of vehicles owned by the company according to the size of the products delivered to customers, installation environment (clean room etc.).
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